A Different Kind of Psychotherapy

In atmosphere of safety and genuine collaboration, I help my clients become aware of unconscious habits of body and mind, building insight into how these patterns lend us protection while also inhibiting deep healing and creative growth. Rather than just having a conversation about how you feel, together we will actively engage your embodied experience and powers of imagination to uncover personal blocks and unlock new potentials. 

People who work with me might be...

  • Feeling stuck in familiar patterns of feeling and reacting that never seem to bring satisfaction

  • Feeling troubled about relationships with partners, family, friends, or colleagues

  • Feeling stressed and stretched by a life transition (such as marriage, childbirth, moving, etc.) or overwhelmed by a painful loss

  • Noticing ways in which unresolved past traumas are still surfacing in day to day life and relationships

  • Experiencing a “spiritual emergency” in which existential questions surrounding purpose and identity are at the forefront

  • Seeking personal growth and deeper insight into their personality and life story


A deeper satisfaction awaits you.