What clients are saying:

"I've been in therapy on and off for 22 years, and in just a couple of months working with Ariana I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere. I get more insight and meaning out of one session with her than out of years worth of sessions with other therapists. It's rare to find a type of therapy that works as powerfully as Hakomi does, and a therapist with as much clarity, empathy, and total understanding of her work and approach, and I feel very lucky to have both of those things. We're currently working on processing an unresolved childhood trauma, and just a couple of sessions in, I already feel so much more aware of myself, my habits, the stress I store in my body, and my relationship with my surroundings, than I used to feel. What I thought would be grueling psychological work has turned out to be engaging and dynamic work that really allows me to see myself in new light. It has its challenges, but I feel completely supported along the way. I'm consistently surprised by the connections Ariana helps me make in our sessions, and the parts of myself I'm still discovering." B.E., Age 29

“Having experienced a lot of childhood trauma and realizing how much it was negatively impacting me as I transitioned into adulthood, I realized I needed some professional guidance to truly process what I had been through. I could not have asked for anyone better than Ariana to do so. My past therapeutic relationships were not healthy for various reasons, but my connection and trust in Ariana was truly genuine. She saw me for who I was and where I was at in that moment, in a warm, caring, non-judgmental manner. In every session she made me feel like she would not rather be anywhere else than with me. Her combination of somatic and psychological work is truly profound and I am now much more self-aware of the way I process emotions physically and mentally and am able to implement the work we have done in my every day life. She transformed my entire idea of what therapy should be, for the better.” M.F., Age 20

"Ariana is a wonderful and talented therapist. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with her these last two years and hope to continue so in the future. She has a rare ability to see the whole picture as well as being completely present in the moment with me. Anyone who gets to work with Ariana is in very good hands." G.J., Age 49

“After a life-time of getting tangled and lost in seeking support in the mental health care system, I finally feel I have found a safe, nourishing home in my counseling relationship with Ariana. Ariana's profound compassion and clarity have held supportive space for me to slow down and lean-in to the abundant truths that rise to the surface when I listen to my body, honor myself, and bring a thoughtful wholeness to noise of everyday life. By incorporating her diverse set of approaches, from art therapy to mindfulness and somatic experiencing, Ariana is able to meet every occasion with presence and constantly provide fresh perspective on personal growth and transformation. I am inherently grateful for this life-changing relationship and can't sing Ariana's praises loudly enough.... she's a truly wonderful human.” S.H., Age 29

"I was fortunate to have experienced Ariana Tosatto’s skillful and compassionate work first-hand as a fellow experiential learner at the Hakomi Institute. Ariana’s intuition and incredibly loving presence enabled me to take emotional risks from which I am still benefiting three years later.  I have had a good number of therapists over the years, and am myself a highly trained clinician, and I can say without hesitation that Ariana stands out in my mind as a naturally gifted healer."  -Dr. Bin Kagedan, clinical psychologist

"I was intrigued by Hakomi, though I was never sure how I would react to it. Having worked with Ariana for a year, I can say now the pairing of the methodology and Ariana has been transformational--deeply healing and unlike any other therapeutic relationship I’ve ever been in. Her methodology includes transforming the nature of deeply formative memories through mindfully accessing them. While in the memory, she also gently has inserted herself to help reframe and shift the way it lives in me. She is warm and caring in a way that deepens the trust of the therapeutic relationship, and she’s not afraid to bring in matters of the heart or spirit. Woven throughout everything is a sense of authentic trust and respect, and I’m so grateful for that." -F.D., Age 31